- Physical Education -

Teacher approved links & activities:

Physical Education Goals: 30-45 Minutes of play outside 5 days a week. 

Activities can include:

-Basketball, Soccer, Football, Freeze Tag, Catch, Free Play

If weather or location does not allow for outside play here are some resources for students:

  • GoNoodle provides an assortment of movement videos and activities that students can access.
  • The daily fitness videos which we’ll be incorporating into our P.E. lesson can be found HERE

If you do not have consistent online access, you can utilize these printouts to help with fun ideas to stay active:


Meet the Teacher

The goal of our P.E. classes will be on creating an enjoyment of exercise, using games and activities that foster growth in personal fitness as well as social cooperation and behavior.  Students will gain exposure to activities intended to increase the likelihood of physical exercise throughout the rest of their lives. All with an eye towards fun! This will be done by engaging in activities that meet Alaska’s P.E. Standards, which focuses on motor skills, movement concepts, physical activity, and teamwork.