Our Philosophy


We believe that a meaningful education includes an instructional program that develops a foundation of skills and knowledge and provides students, according to their developmental level, the freedom to ask and seek answers to important questions; to analyze, investigate and synthesize information; and develop independent opinions and conclusions through inquiry, dialogue and reflection.

 The Tongass School of Arts and Sciences believes that:

  • Children need a well-rounded elementary education that includes world languages, music, fine and performing arts, physical and health education and social skills development as complementary and equal in value to the study of language arts, mathematics and the sciences;
  • The process by which a child learns is as important as what the child produces;
  • Children are naturally curious learners with diverse strengths, needs, interests and talents;
  • Children need a broad foundation of skills provided through in-depth instruction and investigation of subject areas and themes that connect the subject areas;
  • Children need to learn respect and appreciation for the diversity of people, including their languages, cultures and beliefs;
  • Children need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions and work successfully with others in a collaborative manner;
  • Children need to learn about their community and their relationship and connection to it;
  • Children need the support and guidance of positive role models;
  • Parents are a vital and integral part of their child’s education; 
  • Children benefit and learn from social interaction with their peers;
  • The academic, social and emotional development of children must be addressed within the educational program;
  • The school is a learning community that develops respect, responsibility, cooperation and active participation of all members.