District and APC Principal Review- Forms included

An informal principal review will be conducted during an executive session of the Academic Policy Committee (APC) each year.  The evaluation form will be used as a discussion tool, but no written forms will be completed.

A formal review of the school administrator will be completed annually by the APC of the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences, with input from Tongass staff, parents, students and the community at large.

Review procedures are in accordance with State and Federal law, Ketchikan Gateway Borough School Board policies, the negotiated labor agreements, and the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences Charter and By-Laws, as pertains to charter schools.

The APC encourages input from all staff, students, and parents and from the community at large. Your input form is attached.  The form will be used for giving input to the APC for the purpose of reviewing the administrator will be available on Jan. 15. Input forms will be available on the school website, in the school office, and electronically via the news note. APC members are not allowed to comment on verbal or written input outside of an executive session.

Completed input forms are due by 4:30 p.m. two weeks from the date of distribution. No forms will be accepted after that time.  Completed forms shall be deposited in a designated locked receptacle. 

It is requested that the principal complete a self-evaluation and submit it with the input forms for review by APC members.

The APC president, or APC member designated by the President, shall collect the forms, place them in a marked file or notebook and store them in a secure location at the school. The input forms will then be available for review by the APC members. 

APC members will complete only an evaluation form (no input forms), and bring the completed and signed form to the executive session.  The APC will hold one or more executive sessions to perform the principal review. As a group, the APC will complete one principal review. The review will be discussed with the principal at an executive session at the first APC meeting in March. A vote on the contract will also occur at this meeting.

The principal may respond to the review at an executive session at the next APC meeting.  The principal must accept or reject the contract offer within two weeks of receipt. 

Following the principal review, all input and review forms will be sealed and kept in a designated, locked cabinet at the school.  Forms are confidential and shall be available only to APC members in accordance with these procedures. 

Following a signed contract, the APC and principal will jointly set the Principal goals by June.

District Form: DUE: Feb 14


APC Form: DUE: Jan 31


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