Faculty & Staff

Marian Gonzales

School Principal
As the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences Principal, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with highly-qualified, dedicated, caring staff who are passionate about kids and education. My 24+ years in the District include 11 years as a classroom teacher at many levels, time as a school-wide reading specialist and RTI Coordinator, and now, my position as principal. For reference, this year I discovered that two of my fourth-grade students are themselves now teachers in the District!

I began my career at Valley Park School in 1994. My interest in teaching different ages has taken me from a multi-age K-1-2, 1-2, 4th, 2nd, and 3rd grade teacher followed by three years as a building-wide reading specialist and intervention teacher. All of these experiences helped me learn valuable perspectives on child development, social-emotional supports and needs, as well as academic strategies at multiple levels.

Over the years, I have attained a Bachelor's Degree in teaching, a Master's Degree in Principal Leadership, and a Doctorate in K-12 School Leadership.

My experience in providing professional development goes back many years and includes securing, facilitating, and leading many academic, operational, and social-emotional professional development sessions as well as continuing education courses and Master's level coursework. Today, I continue to be engaged and excited about teaching and learning through my multi-faceted role as an educational coach, program coordinator, and support for staff and students.

Leading learning at Tongass School is especially rewarding. Working with committed families and educators provides many opportunities to foster school-family-community relationships and personal growth. I am honored and excited to be asked to continue the work of maintaining a positive school climate where students, staff, and families learn together.

Office Staff

Danielle Miller

Administrative Assistant

Cindy Moody

Health Aid

Danielle Elledge

Community Liaison

Lane Johnson

School Counselor


Amy Bauer

RTI Coordinator

Sandi Blair


JP Lockulu


Roseanne Wickman

Lunch Aid


Angelina Murray


Matt Hamilton


Adam Gullen

Special Education | P.E.

Mark Insteness

Special Education

Scott Hall



Sara Pederson

Kinder Paraprofessional

Cari McLean

1st & 2nd Grade Paraprofessional

Jenny Dupre

1/2 Classroom Paraprofessional
Kendra Bradley

Kendra Bradley

3rd & 4th Grade Paraprofessional

Jacob Creasy

5th & 6th Grade Paraprofessional
Brenda Davis

Brenda Davis

Special Education | General Paraprofessional

Evelyn Voorhies-Brown

Title I Paraprofessional

Cade Browning

One-on-One Paraprofessional

Kashif Naser

One-on-One Paraprofessional

Dorrien Hendrickson

One-on-One Paraprofessional

Julie Lawrence

One-on-One Paraprofessional

Amber Warren

One-on-One Paraprofessional

Jessica Wallin

One-on-One Paraprofessional
Kenny Johnson

Kenny Johnson

One-on-One Paraprofessional
Cade Zwick

Cade Zwick

One-on-One Paraprofessional
Mary Maley

Mary Maley

One-on-One Paraprofessional
Kayla Eastham

Kayla Eastham

One-on-One Paraprofessional