Committee Members

Tina Peckham

President - Community Representative
My goal is to support the students, teachers, and families at TSAS to achieve their personal best. I also wish to guide the APC to be effective and make positive growth for the school.

Cindy Moody

Vice President - Staff Representative
My goal as a staff representative is to continue to build positive relationships within the classroom, the school community and our community partners.

Julie Landwehr

Secretary - Parent Representative
It is my goal to help support the educational community at TSAS in any way I can in my role as parent representative to the APC.

Brenda Loughman

Treasurer - Community Representative
My goal for our school is that we stay true to the Tongass Charter and offer an education that challenges all students and builds on their individual strengths and talents.

Nick Pader

Parent Representative
My goal is for the APC to continue to help support the school leadership in making TSAS an amazing place for our kids and staff to be.

Dorrien Hendrickson

Staff Representative
My name is Dorrien Hendrickson and I have worked here at TSAS for the last eight years, 13 in the district altogether. Working at TSAS and being a member of the APC provide me with the opportunity to carry on my beliefs in education that are so very similar to our school's philosophy following the HET methods. I also enjoy watching students achieve their goals and it is my greatest joy to help guide students as they grow and develop their own uniqueness and diversity and help them be successful in their learning environments.

Terri Robbins

Community Representative
My goal as an APC Representative is to facilitate the staff and administrator as they work to implement HET and meet the needs of our students. I believe that creativity and collaboration are necessary to address the goals of developing efficient schedules, providing support for our families and staff, realizing the eight goals of our charter, and increasing student achievement.

Carol Stanton

Staff Representative
As the TSAS teacher mentor for our education model, called Highly Effective Teaching, I share my experience using the model with our APC. I enjoy working cooperatively with my fellow APC members to provide opportunities for our students to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

Dani Elledge

Parent Representative
My goal as a parent volunteer on the APC is to represent parent/community interests and share information about our decisions with families. - I would like to get more parents involved with TSAS as a whole as well as more involved with APC plans and ideas. - I hope to assist TSAS and our APC as much as possible to improve our school, in particular with improving and implementing cultural activities.