Our School’s Mission

The mission of the Tongass School is to provide an educational experience for students that:

  • Fosters complex educational opportunities that include real life and real world experiences and builds on themes related to the arts and sciences;
  • Effectively applies current educational research to school and classroom practice;
  • Respects, values and builds on the individual and unique strengths of students in order to foster a strong sense of responsibility and self-worth;
  • Creates an educational environment that provides positive relationships within the classroom, the school community and the community at large;
  • Develops respect and appreciation for diversity of people, cultures, ideas and perspectives;
  • Increases parental involvement in the education of their children.

The main goals of Tongass School are:

  • Incorporate educational research and Integrated Thematic Instruction into the educational program
  • Build and maintain a strong sense of school community
  • Increase parental involvement and participation in the school
  • Build community connections into the educational program
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