1st and 2nd Grade

Welcome to 1st and 2nd grade! Our classroom is a fun and interactive community of learners.

This year’s theme is The Circle of Life within which we will learn about relationships in our lives.  Our organizing concept is Relationships; we will study all topics with this focus.

We begin our school year with Family First, where we learn all about relationships and how we work and live together.  Our first task as a community of learners is to examine our individual and collective roles as members of our classroom and school family.  This includes examining the LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines, building relationships, and learning procedures and routines.  We will extend this knowledge of our school relationships to study and share about our families, heritage and customs.

Our 2nd unit’s focus is on Cycles where we will study the weather, the water cycle and our Excellent Earth.  Our being there experiences will include possibly the airport and our neighborhood bypass rock face.

The school year wraps up with a unit focused on interdependence and Busy Bees. We will learn about insects and the interdependence we have on bees and other creatures with whom we share this world.

For more information about our science and social studies themes, please view our curriculum map.  Circle of Life Yearlong Organizer

Per the HET philosophy, we work hard as a community of learners and teachers to learn and use the LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines, and use TRIBES and other community-building learning activities to develop an inclusive classroom community. Our integrated curriculum encourages students to engage with real and meaningful ideas in hands-on and interactive ways.


Welcome to 1st and 2nd grade; we are delighted to have you with us!

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