1st & 2nd Grade music

All About that Rhythm


1st & 2nd grade is all about building the fundamentals of music to support playing instruments later on. Our theme might be all about rhythms, but our students are also learning solfege, how to audiate, how to compose, and how to read note music on a 3 line staff.

When learning new concepts (like a new rhythm or solfege syllable), students experience first. We’ll learn a chant, then figure out the rhythms and brainstorm to figure out what the new one is, or we’ll learn a song, then try to write it out on a staff to see how it looks.

Currently our students are working on composing 4 beat rhythms, and audiating the new songs we learn. After spring break our students will be introduced to a new rhythm! This mystery rhythm will take awhile to learn, but be sure to check in with your student to see how they’re progressing!

Please check in later for videos and photos of your students in music class!

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