Welcome to Peer Buddy Preschool

IMG_3472Welcome to Tongass School’s Peer Buddy Preschool!

My name is Lydia Kline and here is little about our program and approach to education……

I follow the Creative Curriculum for preschool and HET model (school wide model at TSAS).
Creative Curriculum: The Creative Curriculum is a play and exploration based curriculum for preschool. The curriculum is built on the understanding that young children do the majority of their learning through the act of play. In order to support this learning, the curriculum provides a variety of lessons in Language and Literacy, Math, Physical Education, and Social and Emotional skills, that can be used in the various areas of the classroom. It is broken into several studies, or topics, that children explore, which focuses the scope of lessons and discussions. Some of these studies include Clothing, Recycling, and Trees.

               HET Highly Effect Teachingis Body-brain-Compatible and designed to enhance the Two-Step Learning Process: pattern-seeking and program-building while embedding state/educational standards. Effective curriculum is founded in sensory-rich experience, uses a concept to integrate content, knowledge, and skills from multiple subject areas, offers student activity choices, and extends relevant learning beyond the classroom into real-life situations.












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