Ms. Alexis McColley-Edwardson


Background: I was born in Ketchikan and have lived here my entire life. I was raised by Timi and Charles Edwardson. I am 24 years young and am the third of four daughters. I live with my boyfriend of four years, Jason, who was born and raised here in town as well. I loved growing up here in Alaska and together my family and I enjoy fishing, hunting, and gathering during the summer months. We love to get out and go camping, fishing, gathering and hiking together.

Education:  I got my bachelors from UAS-Ketchikan campus. My student teaching experience was done last year, here at Tongass School of Arts and Sciences, with Clint Shultz, in the 3/4 grade classroom. I am lucky to go into this school year with experience and knowledge about the school’s philosophy.  This will be my first year teaching, but I plan to continue my higher education. My goal is to start classes next year towards a Master in Special Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood.  I look forward to this year and getting to share my passion for learning with the students here at TSAS!