Welcome to Kindergarten



Our yearlong science-based theme has preschoolers and kindergartners studying animals while doing activities that integrate skills in reading, writing, art, and math. Throughout the year, preschoolers and kindergartners learn and apply the concept of “Similarities and Differences.” From learning about ourselves to visiting pets to chicks hatching to seeing butterflies emerge, “Animals Abound All Around” science-based theme is explored in the Tongass School Preschool-Kindergarten classroom.

Our first Unit is “All About Me”. Each student will be learning about what makes them special and unique. Every student will get one day to be the Star Student where they will get to share all they want to about themselves. It allows students to recognize the similarities and differences among themselves and their peers. We will also be learning about our senses, the main functions of our bodies, and how to take care of ourselves. Later in the Unit we will be holding a health fair at the recenter to learn more about being a healthy kid!