2017-2018 Theme-Relationship



Our even-year theme, Unlock Your Sherlock, centers around the term Relationship. This theme is divided into four concepts: Relationship, Form and Function, Cause and Effect, and Identity. The introductory concept of relationship focuses on the Multiple Intelligences developed by Howard Gardner, Ph. D., and the LIFESKILLS and Lifelong Guidelines developed by HET‘s Susan Kovalik. Click here to take a quiz and find out your own strengths in multiple intelligences. By focusing on these skills, we establish procedures and processes to help students be successful. We use these skills to focus student learning around investigation of our theme by acting like detectives. attempting to resolve mysteries. Students help to create a bank of mysteries to research during the year.

We define Relationship as the way in which two or more concepts, things, or people connect. For example, In science, temperature influences whether water is solid, liquid or gas. In social studies, geographic location determined how an ancient civilization developed. Relationships can be helpful, harmful, or neutral. By examining relationships we can better understand what already happened, what is happening, or what may happen.


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