The Tongass School has adopted Everyday Math as the standardized curriculum. This program is very ambitious and requires the student to be accountable for their homework and learning. The program uses the concept of “looping”, introducing a topic then revisiting it periodically during the year. This allows the student to get an introduction to a skill, then practice it repeatedly throughout the year, which creates the pathways in the brain that promote retention.

As part of the program, the students are assigned homework almost every night Monday through Thursday. These assignments are called Study Links and are instrumental in your student’s learning. You will receive a Home Letter at the beginning of each new unit that contains an introduction to the topics that will be taught, as well as the answers to the Study Link problems. Use this information to assist your learner as needed. The Study Links and Home Letters, and more, can be found on the Everyday Math Parent page for each grade level.

For more information about the 5th grade program, visit this page.

For more information about the 6th grade program, click here.

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