5th/6th Student Class Supply List

5th/6th Student Classroom Supplies List

Ms. Mike and Team Teacher

Welcome back to school. The following list of supplies will be needed by students on the first day of the upcoming 2015/16 school year:
• One three ring binder for daily classroom use, equipped with:
o Lined paper
o One package of subject dividers (8 subjects)
o A pencil bag that can be hooked into the binder
o Pencils and erasers
• One three inch binder for student portfolio (if they did not attend TSAS last year)
• One set of highlighters with yellow, pink, green, and blue
• One box of colored pencils, markers, or crayons
• Glue (stick or bottle, student preference)
• A water bottle (20 oz. or smaller) labeled with your first & last name
• One pair of non-marking gym shoes
In order to prepare students for higher grades, we rely heavily on the LIFESKILL of Responsibility. Each student is asked to practice responsibility by ensuring they have the listed materials available so they are ready to fully participate in class on the first day, and each day throughout the year. We will not be collecting these items from the students and handing them out as needed during the year. It is the student’s responsibility to refill their binders and keep a supply of pencils as the year progresses.

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