5th and 6th Homework Policy

Students should expect to have homework every day Monday through Thursday. We do not assign homework on Fridays, although they are more than welcome to read over the weekend!

The school wide expectation is that students should be doing 10 minutes of homework per grade each night. This means 5th graders should do 50 minutes, while 6th graders do 60 minutes.

The regular assignments that should fit into this time period each day are:
Math: Everyday Math Study Link matches the daily lesson from class.
Poetry or Spelling: We alternate weeks between poetry and spelling. On poetry weeks students should practice reading the poem with fluency and expression so they will be ready to present on Friday. On spelling weeks students may choose to practice words they find challenging from their list.
Reading: Independent Reading Project; students should read each night, as well as write a weekly Interactive Reading Log paragraph using Google Docs, and complete two end of book projects.

For example, a student might spend 10-15 minutes on his/her math assignment, practice spelling words for 5 minutes or read through the poem a couple of times, and then work on their Independent Reading Project for the balance of minutes.

On the rare occasion that there is no math homework students should plan to spend a little extra time on their other assignments.

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