1st and 2nd Homework Policy

Dear first and second grade families,

Together we can help your child develop a strong and lasting relationship with the world of literacy. First and second graders must read (or be read to) each evening. Our homework policy requires first graders to spend 10 minutes and second graders to spend 20 minutes each evening, Monday through Thursday, on homework (reading and math). However, it is our genuine hope that ALL of our students find love for and joy in reading, and that reading time becomes a regular activity that family members choose to invest in, instead of work on.

We will send home a reading calendar each month for families to check off.  The time in which you choose to invest is your choice; please feel free to read longer than the mentioned 10 and 20-minute times. Attached is a guide to help you understand reading calendar procedures.


When you need new books, explore thrift stores, garage sales, and of course, please visit the public library. Try to check out books at your child’s reading level, so that reading is enjoyable. We also encourage you to speak to your child about their growing interests, so that you can help them to find books that get them excited about reading. Our public library has many wonderful books and the librarians are incredible resources eager to support the love of literacy!

Reading is the key to unlocking the door to life’s magnificent wonders. We are truly excited for us all as we embark on a new journey together! Helping your child grow and being a significant part of their reading success is tremendously rewarding. Together we can make a wonderful team!

In addition to the reading calcndar, math homework will come home Monday through Thursday to reinforce and practice math concepts taught that day, and is due the following day.

Attached is a document to help you understand the procedures for our home-school folder and how it helps to organize homework coming back and forth from school to home and back again.


Thank you for your support, energy, time, and love.


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